Revolving Finance

BD Finance offers Revolving Finance facilities to qualified clients. This facility provides liquidity for company’s day-to-day operations. Using this facility, a client can enjoy a larger credit limit with flexible terms and enjoy excellent service while managing cash flow more efficiently and also allows imposing limits on cash discount, bad-debt losses, and opportunity costs. It is a customized credit facility, specifically designed for the companies with seasonal activity, which need to cover their temporary liquidity gap, until the collection of receivables.

Salient Features:

  • Simplicity of documentation and approval procedures
  • Provides 100 percent loan facility of approved limit
  • Usually for a tenure of 30 to 180 days credit period matching with cash conversion cycle
  • Instant payment through bank fund transfer/ CQ when required
  • Steady source of working capital finance
  • Increases purchasing power of channel partners
  • Improve cash flow of the business
  • Avail cash discount & opportunity cost
  • Expand current business portfolio