Women Entrepreneur Loan

Women Entrepreneur Loan is a loan facility offered to small and medium business enterprises operated by women entrepreneurs. This Term Loan facility is offered for the purpose of meeting Working Capital requirements and/or purchasing fixed assets.



  • Entrepreneurs need to have minimum 2 years of experience in the same line of business
  • The Business must be a going concern with minimum operational experience of 2 years
  • The business should have its product or service demand to generate revenue.

Loan Limit

  • Taka 2 Lac to Taka 50 Lac

Major Features

  • We offer loan without any collateral for up to Taka 20 Lacs
  • We offer partial cash-secured loan up to Taka 70 Lacs
  • We offer loan for Working Capital Finance and/or Lease finance for business
  • Borrowers having loan facilities with other financial institutions can also avail this facility
  • Convenient repayment options are offered, consisting of Equal monthly installments and/or customized repayment schedule
  • We bring fast and quality service on your demand