Monthly Deposit Scheme



BD finance offers a highly personalized monthly deposit scheme for its retail customers that ensure excellent returns and great security for the total peace of mind. This deposit is an installment based savings scheme in which a person can contribute monthly installments of deposit and receives an attractive fixed amount at the end of years as per terms agreed upon. The investors may also avail maximum loan facilities against deposit amount.

Participation in the scheme

  • Individual, Professionals or Housewives,
  • Banks, Financial Institutions or Insurance companies,
  • Proprietorship/Partnership Firms
  • Associations, Company or Corporate Bodies,
  • Trust, Charitable Society and Institutions,
  • NGOs and INGOs
  • Municipalities, Government/Quasi Government Bodies,
  • Organization, corporation, or agency

Salient Features & Benefits

  • Monthly installments of deposit will be Tk.200/-, Tk.500/- , Tk.1,000/- ,Tk.5,000, and Tk. 10,000
  • Best suited for all classes of persons.
  • Hassle free standing orders to build up deposits automatically.
  • Saving towards future capital expenditure
  • Security of Cash
  • Return on Investment
  • Providing service in fair and friendly environment.
  • Maintaining easy terms and conditions
  • No hidden costs.

Credit Facility

  • The investors may avail up to 80% to 90% loan facility against deposited amount.

Condition Apply

  • Government charges including source tax and excise duty are applicable.

Opening and operation

  • Any resident in Bangladesh can open accounts in single name or in joint.
  • Allow to open more than one account for different installment in a branch/ institution.
  • Nomination facility is available
  • Transfer of accounts from one branch to another branch is possible.
  • Safe Custody and automatic renewal of deposits are undertaken

For further information on the product, please visit or call at your nearest nearest Branch or Corporate Head Office


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